Guiseppe Cartago

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Guiseppe Cartago
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13-06-2020 / 309 x bekeken
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Opname commercial promotie App

You will be invited in the studio for an interview. You will act like you are interested in using our app and getting your Instagram account connected to our app which will increase your follower count.

The interview will be recorded with our lead designer and he will explain you the idea. From here on you can ask questions resulting in you understanding the concept and being happy in the end. These interview will be used as small promotion tools to inform our target audience how the app is being used and how women respond to it. It will be fun and you can just relax and feel comfortable as the person you are.

We do ask you to do your own make and be dressed appealing / sexy to our target audience. We leave this up to you, as we are planning to interview numerous different Instagram models / babes. We will select you from your pictures and make an appointment from there for the interview.

Duration of the assignment: Max 1 hour
Location of the recording: Amsterdam


The PATBOY Team is looking for attractive models / actresses who appeal to our male target audience in the age of 16 – 25 who will play our new app. You speak English fluently and you feel comfortable appearing to be sexy in front of camera. You appear to be playful , sweet and tempting towards our audience. You have an Instagram account which you use professionally. You allow us to create a Patcard from your Instagram Account which will benefit your popularity in the game and directing out target audience to your account.

We want to make a reservation for this model for 1 hour.

Functie eisen / profiel
* Spoken in fluent English
* Acting / Improvising / being a nice person
*Optionally we can make pictures on your request with our photographer who is on the set for your portfolio.

Wat bieden wij?
A Payment of 125EURO .
Promotion of your Instagram account in the app.
Promotion of your brand / name in the interview.

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