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23-01-2020 / 112 x bekeken

MASTERCLASS ACTING for FILM & TV by Elisabet Sevholt

ACTING for FILM & TV by Elisabet Sevholt in AMSTERDAM


Are you a professional film actor and do you want to explore character work on a deep emotional level in 2020? Do you want to work with renowned Swedish acting coach Elisabet Sevholt, who teaches her own unique method based on the learnings such as Stanislavsky, Chubbuck and Meisner? Come and join faaam for the masterclass ACTING for FILM & TV. A unique two-week masterclass in which you will be working on the establishment of a character work in an emotional, physical and intuitive way. In this masterclass you will be working on the basis of scenes from movies and tv-series from the past five years such as Mad Men, Peaky Blinders and Narcos. We will work on a clear method of how to use your own life experience in every moment of your acting.

Practical info:
The masterclass takes place in Amsterdam, over the course of two weeks with four nights in a row each week. This masterclass is ONLY for PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED ACTORS who also speak English on INTERMEDIATE level.

The costs are € 395,- (excl. VAT).
To apply you need to submit your CV, showreel and a portrait photo to Elisabet and faaam for selection. For more information about the masterclass and to apply: visit faaam.nl

Are you interested in the workshop but unavailable in March? Send an email to info@faaam.nl and we'll keep you posted for the next one.

mas·ter·class (de; v(m); meervoud: masterclasses)
1 korte workshop op hoog niveau, gegeven door een prominente beoefenaar van het vak
2 masterclasses van faaam zijn enkel voor professionele filmacteurs en niet voor (onervaren) beginners

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